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Using technical skills I learned over the past few years I created "WraithTrade" website with the intention of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other aspiring, and passionate traders.I then further developed my skills and used them to create this awesome project with already 60 members.

What is our main Objective?

One of the best ways to move forward is by teaching others what you know. By mentoring other traders about Forex that's why I keep myself always in check.
The site is self fulfilling – by helping other traders get on their feet, helping them move forward, and giving them a good understanding about Forex trading has only strengthened my skills as a trader. You can never stop growing, helping others is a good way to self-improve in markets.
When I first started WraithTrade website, I didn’t expect it to take off so quickly. It’s growing everyday with people worldwide!
This website is an ongoing project and I work hard each day to implement new features, updates and improvements. I only publish quality information for my visitors, and thrive to maintain a high standard in everything I do.

What information is available on this site?

If you’re a beginner and you would like to learn the basic principles of Forex trading and how the market works, then you can check out

 Baby Pips School

To get a feel for how I trade, you can check out our posted trades: TradingView  or our "News" contain daily trades and trading information.

If you’re really serious about how to trade and grow your account step by step, and want to learn all of our professional  strategies and money management plans in detail, then we offer members only a "Private Area". We currently offer ‘lifetime access membership’ , which will give you access to our advanced  course, forum, chat room and video commentary, daily charts plus much more.
If you’re that serious trader who thinks they could benefit from our strategies and Basis then you can find more about all over at our WraithTrade Services.
If you still thinking about us and our work you can always join our Telegram Public group open for all: Join Now our Public Telegram Chat room.

How can we help you evolve as a trader?

We consider ourselves to be an open source project where we continue to adapt to the ever changing market dynamics.  Our traders don’t stop learning just because they go live and are doing well. They get even better by helping other new traders that join the training program and giving back.  At the end of the day that is what being successful is all about; giving back to those that want to achieve their own levels of success and freedom.
A career as a trader is to a person, and how fantastic the ‘ideal’ lifestyle can be. You’ve probably already even visioned yourself on a tropical beach somewhere working on your suntan, trading on your laptop while sipping on exotic cocktails. There is no problem with setting goals, but let’s be realistic, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s truly teaching traders to actually learn how to read the markets, understand them, and be able to day trade on their own. The financial commitment was only to ensure that they were serious about learning.
The importance was placed on learning how to read the market and being able to adjust to it.  Our Mentorship also took into account that everyone is different and is going to trade based on different comfort zones, risk tolerances, and speeds of development.  The WraithTrade Project was created to perfect the education process for everymember step by step. We even have many traders that have been through our training program that use a variation of our trading method, or a different trading method all together. By building discipline and psychology into the training program, it ensures traders are learning the right behaviors.  Our focus is to make you a successful trader no matter what kind of strategy you are using.
Unfortunately most traders never achieve what they’ve set out to do. Most of the time they lack a solid trading plan, money management system or the mental capacity to control their emotions, continuously jumping from trading system to trading system until nothing is left.
Don’t be one of these traders which remind me of an aircraft that never get the chance to take off the runway. The pain of continuously grounding themselves by making continuous bad decisions.
Sadly, the internet is saturated with tons of very low quality information, scams and account disintegrating trading robots. New, and experienced traders get caught up in all the marketing hype which promise everything and deliver nothing.
Within 5 minutes of searching the net for Forex content you will find…

  • Trading systems that use weird exotic indicators that make your charts look like a 5 year old’s drawing.
  • Scalping systems that burn your eyes out due to the fact they require you to sit in front of the trading screen all day, just to try and grab 2 measly pips per trade.
  • Trading strategies based on astrology, basing trading decisions on planetary alignments???
  • Trading gurus that tell you what you should have done, only in hindsight.
  • Forex trading robot scams with headlines like, ‘Buy this Forex trading robot; it will make you $1000 every night while you sleep’.

WraithTrade we don’t need to use indicators, planetary alignments or robots to make our trading decisions. We focus on the raw price movements and read the chart’s to identify high probability, but low risk signals that we can capitalize on.
I believe trading with the right Mentorship is the most reliable, consistent and profitable way to approach the markets.
Our training program lasts a minimum of three months to ensure that every trader has enough time to grasp the system. We also make sure to only offer limited availability into the program. We always want to make sure that every single person is a good fit for the program.  Because all of us day trade our own accounts we want to make sure that we are going to be teaching people who are serious about achieving their financial
freedom. Once someone becomes a member of the program we provide absolutely everything that we have to offer to incrase his capacity and mentality.

the future of WraithTrade:

"Dreams are meant to be chased not only seen, follow yours"

We have a lot of exciting plans since we have now perfected the education process.  We are starting day trading meetings around the world, with our first being in Spain and the second most likely in UK.  We also are making the centers available to everyone in our training program to create an even higher level of consistency.  We look forward to creating a unique group of tight knit traders around the world.

For us this is about having the lifestyle that we want to live. What about yours? Do you want to start your journey with us?

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